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ProGrid represents a paradigm shift in transforming organizations. It is recognized as the leading concept in tackling the difficult issue of the effective management of intangibles.


The future value of an organization lies both in its codified intellectual capital and its advanced systems and processes for doing business: business with suppliers, customers, the public, governments and a myriad of other important stakeholders. The human capital of an organization represents a critical component of the intangible power of an organization.


Unlike tangibles, intellectual assets do not depreciate over time but are normally only realized over the fulfillment of time.


ProGrid provides the framework for addressing the management of intangibles using unique tools that are customized to meet the values, priorities and expectations of individual organizations. ProGrid is being

applied as a new thought process in capturing the intellectual power of organizations.

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Overview of ProGrid

Intangibles: Exploring the Full Depth of Issues
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A book explaining ProGrid in detail...


The evolution of the interface between basic science discoveries and their application in engineering and biosciences to provide innovative products, processes and/or services has changed dramatically in the last few years.With the advances in information management and computing science, it is now possible to provide unique visual presentations of data in formats never before possible.
The peer review system is like democracy in that...


Economists like to speak of incentives and contingencies; attach enough of the right sort of consequence to a market or work situation, and in most cases you will control the outcome. Operations research and human resource specialists apply this principle to managing performance when they advise businesses to quantify and track the important aspects of production, cautioning that we “manage what we measure.”  Accountants are wont to apply... READ MORE

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